Association Objectives
Under the guidance of Industrial Technology Department of The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Institute for Information Industry, Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association(TEEMA), Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C.(CISA) were united to form the “Cloud Computing Association in Taiwan”, which aims to help domestic manufactures in the development of cloud computing industrial technology.
Both domestic and foreign representative companies are invited to join the Consortium with following objectives:
  • ŸTo integrate the strength of ICT hardware vendors, software vendors and service operators in Taiwan, to jointly develop a highly integrative cloud computing total solution.
  • To promote the three main cloud application services in Taiwan, that is , infrastructure, platform and software services(IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).
  • To promote Taiwan as cloud computing technology innovation base, with global cloud computing equipment R & D and manufacturing of competitive advantage.

The Working Group's Duties and Goals
  1. Committee on Cloud Systems
    • To develop technical specifications for the cloud system common platform, and to enhance the integration between Information Technology and Energy Technology.
    • To promote the development of cloud platform technologies and their components.
    • To share the experiences on the development of hardware and software required for cloud platform and system integration.
    • To encourage the deployment of energy-saving cloud data center, and assist manufactures entering domestic and overseas market.
  2. Committee on Cloud Services
    • To promote domestic cloud application services business model and to establish demonstration of such model.
    • To encourage government initiatives to become the pioneer in providing of cloud application services.
    • To attract domestic content services and application software providers to cloud computing services industry, such as: IaaS, Paas and SaaS.
  3. Committee on Regulations and Standards
    • To study the distribution of cloud technology related patents and defensive tactics.
    • To share the international industrial policy and legal restrictions of cloud computing, and to assist the discussion within domestic industry regarding cloud operating system, information security, data center energy efficiency, communications and security regulations and other issues on cloud computing standards.
    • To survey the information sharing mechanism between the cloud data centers thus to promote the “cross-cloud” collaboration of information and services.
    • To develop specifications and standards for Taiwan cloud technology industry, and to facilitate the communication with standard-setting organization worldwide.
  4. Committee on Collaboration and Promotion
    • To plan the promotional activities based on the aims and objectives of the Association and to encourage the strategic alliances with other unions.
    • To promote international industrial cooperation, and promote the standardization and certification of unified cloud technology and product.
    • To introduce advanced technology, related patents and standards thus to promote products complementary.
    • To host conferences or seminars related to technologies, products and market, to enhance cooperation between members.
  5. Committee on Technology Experts
    • To analyze the trend of cloud technology, assist government in establishing the cloud computing industry policies to facilitate the long-term development thus build the competitive advantage of Taiwan in the global cloud technology industry.
    • To cultivate domestic cloud computing talents, to promote cooperation between business and academic research to strengthen the competitive advantage of industry as a whole.
    • To support members with latest developments in cloud computing technology at home and abroad thus accelerate the domestic development of cloud computing technology and applications.
  6. Committee on Cross-Strait Affairs
    • To host cross-strait industry events to enable experience sharing and assist members to capture cloud computing business opportunity in China.
    • To facilitate the cooperation between members of CCAT , as well as the Association itself, and related authorities in China.
    • To identify the trend of cloud technology development and relevant regulation thus provide government with guidance for establishing industry policy.