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Based on the mission of assisting domestic operators to develop industrial technology, in October 2010, under the guidance of the Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI), the Institute for Information Industry (III), Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association(TEEMA) and the Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C (CISA). The Cloud Computing Association in Taiwan invites representative domestic and foreign industry players to join the association as members and establish associations in accordance with the law. The purpose of the Association is:

Both domestic and foreign representative companies are invited to join the Consortium with following objectives:

  1. To promote the three main cloud application services in Taiwan, that is , infrastructure, platform and software services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).
  2. To develop the strength of ICT hardware vendors, software vendors and service operators in Taiwan, fully combine energy technology (ET) to show the characteristics of green energy efficiency, and enhance to be more competitive center for the development and manufacture of global cloud equipment.
  3. To Assistant Taiwan as cloud computing technology innovation base, with global cloud computing equipment R & D and manufacturing of competitive advantage.

In recent years, the rise of the Internet of Things is bound to be closely linked with cloud data centers, systems, and application services. In response to the industry development trend and market demand, the Association changed its name to “Cloud Computing and IoT Association in Taiwan"(CIAT) in 2016, and cooperated with the government to promote “Digital Nation and Innovative Economic Development Program." It is expected that in 2025, Taiwan’s digital economy will grow to NT$6.5 trillion, the  popularization rate the public’s digital life services will reach 80%, broadband services will reach 2Gbps, with national 25Mbps broadband Internet access guaranteed, and propelled  Taiwan's national information strength ranking to the top 10.

On the occasion of the advent of the new ICT era in which the Internet of Things and AI are the mainstay, the important missions of the Cloud Computing and IoT Association in Taiwan are:

  1. Accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship to drive economic growth, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading with AIoT industry. Accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship to drive economic growth, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading with AIoT industry.  
  2. Leading the industry to grasp the new business opportunities of smart life application services, and creating the new opportunity of data economy by software/hardware integration.
  3. Setting up the SIG to meet the development trend of the industry and the market demand, and looking forward to achieving the membership service goal of clustering industry, building demonstration and creating business opportunities.