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  1. Promote the development of Cloud/IoT/AI and other international open source hardware/software standard technology
  2. Share cloud computing and IoT system platform hardware/software and system integration experience
  3. Establish hardware & software integrated energy-conserving cloud data center and explore turnkey export

Ⅱ. Service Committee

  1. Promote Cloud/IOT application services operation model and build demonstration service.
  2. Gather and attract domestic content service and application software companies to invest in related services
  3. Sponsor Cloud/IoT Innovation Award to encourage and boost innovative application services

Ⅲ. Regulation and Standard Committee

  1. Real-time sharing of development trend of the international cloud computing and IoT industry and promoting direction of regulations.
  2. Collecting members' opinions and proposing to the government policy recommendations for optimizing industrial development
  3. Promote the revision of industrial regulations and strengthen links with government applications

Ⅳ. Collaboration and Promotion Committee

  1. Assisting members to organize relevant domestic and international promotion activities
  2. Planning exhibitions and promoting exchanges and cooperation between members and relevant domestic and foreign manufacturers
  3. Sponsoring relevant seminars to help members grasp the latest industry development

Ⅴ. Technology Experts Committee

  1. Analyzing the development trend of technology in the field of cloud computing and Internet of Things and assist the government in drafting relevant policies.
  2. Cultivating relevant domestic talents and establishing Taiwan's global industrial competitive advantage
  3. Assisting members to master new knowledge and technology development at home and abroad, and accelerating technology research and development and application

Ⅵ. Cross-Strait Affairs Committee

  1. Handling cross-strait computing related exchange activities to help members expand business opportunities
  2. Promoting exchanges and cooperation opportunities between the Association and its members and relevant mainland authorities
  3. Mastering the cross-strait development trend of the cloud computing and Internet of Things industry and related regulations.