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Starting from Demand ‧ Defining Emerging Industry Chains ‧ Promoting Systems and Services

Cloud UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) SIG

Exploring the development of UAV common key-components factories in Taiwan, we promote the practical application of agriculture, inspection , security and other fields, and develop innovative applications of the Taiwan UAV industry.

Artificial Intelligence SIG

We focus on the smart manufacturing, smart medical care, smart finance, smart surveillance and other fields, and invite industry elites to jointly apply AI technologies to create a new AI industry situation & prosperity.

IoT Security SIG

With the aim of promoting the cyber-securitization of Taiwan's industry and the industrialization of cyber-security, we focus on standardization of cyber-security regulations, the attack and defense of various fields, the cultivation of talents and personnel of security, and the notification mechanism.

Smart Health Care SIG

In response to the global demand for elderly care and aging society, we invite the industry, government, academia and research entities to plan the technological environment of Taiwan's smart care, and implement Long-term Care 2.0; jointly promote the applications and developments of smart health care industry.

5G IoT Application SIG

In response to the demand for low-cost, low-power consumption, high-coverage, and massive IoT application features, the IoT ecosystem handbook, IoT network connectivity verification and IoT application field development will be promoted to accelerate the creation of Taiwan's future smart city.

Cloud Valley Incubation SIG

Launched in 2013, the Taiwan Cloud Valley Incubation Project has employed the advantage of Taiwan's information and telecommunication industry year by year and linked up the members of the large-scale and small-scale entrepreneurial mechanism to assist the startups to enter the international market.

Taiwan AI System Alliance (TASA)

CIAT established the Taiwan AI System Alliance (TASA), using open source software and hardware resources to jointly develop cost-effective AI systems and implement AI industrialization goals.